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Mockingbird Lane

Oklahoma Death-rock!

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This community is for fans & friends of Mockingbird Lane.

Here you can discuss upcoming shows, merchandise, lyrics, music, the band members, or whatever else band related that comes to mind. Feel free to post about anything else you think friends and fans of the band may be interested in as well. I'm pretty slack and most likely won't delete it.

That is pretty much the rules. Don't argue about stupid shit or talk trash on the band.

80's music, a clockwork orange, alice in wonderland, anaglyph, aqua teen hunger force, b-movies, b.j., barbarella, bass guitar, bela lugosi, bettie page, black cats, black flag, blaxploitation, blizzard, blood, bondage, boo berry, broken hearts, bruce campbell, burlesque, catgirls, cemeteries, christophe, chutulu, clive barker, coffins, comics, count chocula, cult films, damaged magazine, danzig, dead cheerleaders, dead girls, dead-alive, death, death-rock, desires, doruinn flur, dracula, dreams, eating brains, ed wood, eerie, evil dead, fangoria, faust, frankenberry, frankenstein, fruity yummy mummy, george romero, ghosts, ghouls, ginger snaps, girls with guns, glow in the dark, h.p. lovecraft, halloween, hearses, hell, horror, horror movies, horror-punk, jack the ripper, john thomas, josie & the pussycats, justin schock, katherine isabelle, kenneth anger, left hand, lewis carroll, logan's run, magick, man-thing, memetics, mockingbird lane, near dark, necrophilia, new wave, night gallery, nightmares, noir, obsession, oklahoma, pain, pin up girls, poppy z. brite, psychobilly, psychotronic, pumkins, ramones, rawb carter, richard kern, robert e. howard, rod serling, rosemary's baby, rue morgue, samhain, saudade, scars, sci-fi, skeletons, sleepless nights, succubus, suicide, syloken, synthpop, tank, tank's world, ted bundy, thanatology, the dunwich horror, the fallen angles, the howling, the munsters, tombstones, torment, truck, true love, type o negative, vampires, vincent price, werewolves, wolfman, wolfshead, xtoph, zines, zombie-christ, zombierot ent., zombies