Christophe Murdock (oblongbox) wrote in mockingbird_ln,
Christophe Murdock

The Horror Of It All vol. 1 BACK IN STOCK!!!

The Horror Of It All is back in stock in our e-bay store!!! Pick it up today!!!


The Horror Of It All! - Volume 1

Horror Of it all Vol. 1 features 18 of the most dead-icated Horror
Punk Bands in the United States! 18 songs over 45 minutes of music, Pro packaged, professional artwork by Big Tony O'farell of
Rubberwolf Graphix. sounds amazing looks amazing shrink wrapped and ready for you to buy.

Track Listing:

1. Calabrese - The Backseat Of My Hearse

2. Dead On Revival - Zombief**k

3. Monster Squad - Psycho De Mayo

4. TFMU - Headless Children

5. Creepersin - Bleed For Me

6. Horror Of 59 - Graveyard Beyond The Woods

7. Ecto-1 - Lilitu

8. Left For Dead - Night Of The Living Dead

9. Sugarpuss - Into The Grave

10. Fuse - Sugar And Lies

11. The Corpsemaker! - Eternaldamnation

12. Saturday Nite Shockers - Please Don't Tell Me...

13. Mockingbird Lane - Dead Girls Don't Say No

14. The Abominations - Sweet Fire

15. Others - People

16. Die Monster Die - Guns N' Booze

17. The Devil Bats - In Time

18. The Afterdarks - From Dusk Til Dawn

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